Split-Tail TrailerZ


Basscraft recommends SplitTail TrailerZ from Z-Man!  ElaZtech® TrailerZ™ are the toughest, most lifelike moving-bait accessories on the planet, period! They'll stand up to the harshest conditions and countless fish catches, keeping you casting instead of digging through your tackle box for another trailer!

$2.99 / pack. Ordering instructions below.

Green Pumpkin Black Red White White Pearl Hot Chartreuse Chartreuse / Gold Flake

Use the menus and "Add to Cart" button to purchase your trailers.  Use the drop-down menus to select your  color. Then click "Add to Cart".  You may review your selection and specify a quantity in the following Paypal screen.  Use the continue shopping feature to return to this page for further purchases.  Call or email with questions.