Basscraft RATTLE BLADE Spinnerbaits

New from BASSCRAFT!  Your favorite spinnerbait, now with a bass attention grabbing rattle blade.  A rattle pod is incorporated into the large willowleaf blade.  As you retrieve the blade vibrates, stirring the rattles and emitting an attention getting, dinner bell sound to nearby fish.  Tie one on and hang on!


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Rattle blade spinnerbaits are available in double willow and tandem colorado/willow styles.  Both front and rear blades are diamond textured for added flash.  Available in 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 oz. head weight.

Rattle blade spinnerbait shown above in White Lumaflex on Series 1, 1/2 oz. head.

Awesome skirt color selection!  Updated Selection!  40 Colors!!

New for 2016!  Houdini and Magic Shad

Smallmouth 58S River Shiner 61S Houdini 62S Magic Shad Glimmer Shad Chartreuse

06S Chart. Pear Baitfish 07S Pearl White 08S Ice 10S Green Ice 14S D.O.A.

20S Lime Sherbert 21S White & Chart. 22S Natural Shad 23S Bleeding Shad 24S Neon
29S Chart. Baitfish 30S Natural Shad Green 31S Glimmer Blue 32S Glimmer Blue Chart. 33S Snow White

36S Natural Shad Chartreuse 38S Firecracker 40S US Shad 42S Hologram Shad 43S Table Rock Shad (shown in Crafty Cut)
44S Blueback Herring 46S Rootbeer Chartreuse 48S Copper Green Shad 49S Citrus Shad 50S Black Gold
51S Classic Craw 52S Copper Shad 53S Sun Perch 57S Firetiger 59S Chartreuse Blue Pearl
Glimmer Shad Limeade Secret Money Gold Shiner Spot Candy

Our spinnerbaits feature hand-tied skirts, Mustad Ultra Point hooks, and super tough paint!  We DO NOT use the cheap polished brass blades.  As always, Basscraft baits are HAND-TIED.  No rotten rubber collars.

Further word on Basscraft spinnerbaits... Basscraft spinnerbaits are built on a standard size frame with a "lighter than usual" wire for increased blade vibration and feel.  Other hardware is generally smaller than normal as well.  When combined with appropriate sized blades and  a large hook, you have a bait that offers finesse as well as a full size bite!  Series 1 heads are "arkey style".  In our experience the wide, flat head remains upright better when coming through cover.  Generally, it is less prone to rolling over and snagging on cover.


Use the menus and "Add to Cart" button to purchase your spinnerbaits.  Use the drop-down menus to select your head weight, skirt color, and blade combination.  Then click "Add to Cart".  You may review your selection and specify a quantity in the following screen.  Use the continue shopping feature to return to this page for further purchases.

NOTE: Blade color listings begin with the blade closest to the head.  For example: Double Willow - Gold/Nickel: Gold is close to the head and Nickel is at the end of the wire.  CRAFTY CUT SKIRTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON LUMAFLEX SKIRTS.  ONLY STANDARD CUT SKIRTS WILL BE DELIVERED ON LUMAFLEX SELECTED ITEMS.

Skirt Style
Blade Style and Color