PRO-CURE Attractant


Whether you're a tournament angler or a serious bassaholic, you're missing the boat if you're not using Pro-Cure Super Gels on your baits. More anglers call us to tell us they just started using Pro-cure and have already caught the largest bass of their lives.

Lots of companies make bass scents, but only Pro-Cure makes their scents out of real whole fresh bait. Super Gels are super sticky so they stick to lures, crank baits, spinners, vinyl skirts, spinner blades and soft plastics for many casts. It takes scents made from real bait to fool big fish, and only Pro-Cure has it. Our scents are super charged with powerful amino acids and then we add UV FLASH. Bass see naturally occurring UV light, and the first step to getting bit is getting noticed. Bring up your bassin' game and switch to Pro-Cure Super Gels.

Unlike oils, Bait Sauce is made from the whole bait, and because natural baits contain some water, we are able to dissolve all the powdered amino acids that trigger fish to feed. Bait Sauce also leaves a water soluble particle trail in the water, which oils alone do not.  All Bait Sauces are UV Enhanced, plus they are loaded with amino acids that magnify bait flavor and trigger an impulse in a fish's brain to feed.

If for any reason you are unhappy with the performance of a PRO-CURE product, simply return it directly to PRO-CURE with your sales receipt. You'll be promptly reimbursed your purchase price plus reasonable return postage. If you've lost your receipt, we'll refund the current advertised price. With a guarantee this good, you've got absolutely nothing to lose.

$5.99 / 2 oz. bottle. Ordering instructions below.

Real whole crawfish ground up into a thick sticky gel.
Real crawfish ground up with a heavy shot of pure garlic oil. This should be illegal for small mouth bass. Absolutely killer!
A blend of 5 popular minnows ground up whole into a sticky gel base.
Our #1 all around scent blend is now perfect for spoons, spinners, plugs, etc.
Combines threadfin shad, crawfish, minnows, and night crawlers in a gel.
Made from real whole crawfish.
Made from real crawfish with a massive shot of pure garlic oil.
Made from real threadfin shad.

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