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Basscraft Customer Pics - 3/25/11 - 3 Fish - 14 lbs 10 oz


Won three tournaments and a Point Championship this year with Basscraft Jigs.
Simply awesome!!! Thank you!
John Shriver
P.S. I'm the one wearing the extremely lucky "Ohio State" t-shirt!!!





Crafty Jig


Basscraft spinnerbaits were the exclusive baits used to catch suspending fish to win the 2009 Basscraft Championship Tournament. Thanks for making such a good quality spinnerbait.
-Ryan Murray & Matt Dietrich


Thomas Anderson - Product testing a new Basscraft Jig (coming soon)

Patrick - Product testing a new Basscraft Jig (coming soon)


Jimmy Reeves - Basscraft sponsored Bull Rider


Jeff Wilson, Lake James


Bird Dog before using Basscraft Lures and Bird Dog after, 5 lb 5 oz largemouth.


Michael Gillespie - 7 lb'er caught and released on local lake using Basscraft Hound Dog!


Carroll - Basscraft Jig


Trey Ferguson - Lake James, Basscraft Shakey Head!


Roger Ferguson - Lake James


Chris Marsh and Jon Haynes - Lookout Shoals, Basscraft Jigs!


AJ Shipman - "I love your products."


Congratulations to Donnie Woody and Grant McPeters on their 18th place finish at the 2009 National Bass Circuit National Championship.  These two hawgs were caught on the new-for-2009 Hound Dog Spinnerbait, Silver Bullett.


Perry Bundy

I just want you to know how pleased I am with your jigs.  I love your football head jigs.  I dont compete in tourneys, Im lucky to go three times a week.  But I found your jigs at Wall to Wall, and I tried them out.  I dont know what it is, but if I fish with a jig, it will be one you made.

Here are some fish I caught on you lures.  They may not be big to you, but they have more than made me happy.

Perry Bundy


Grant McPeters 7 lbs Basscraft Spinnerbait


Jeff, Here's a fish caught on the spinnerbait I got you to fix for me. It weighed 5#10 ounces.  Lake Keowee

Anthony Killough


Johnny Wyatt 7 lb 10 oz Largemouth, Lake James


Bill Yelton


Scott Pendly


Wayne Botts, Abbeville, SC    Cousin Itt Jig


Wayne Botts, Abbeville, SC    Cousin Itt Jig


Richard Austin, Badin Lake, 1/4 oz. Shakey Head






Scott Killough