Basscraft Jigs - Good, solid jigs that work!

With lure costs rising like the price of gas, why pay more?  Basscraft jigs feature Mustad Ultra Point hooks and are HAND-TIED.  No rotten rubber collars or skirt slippage during hook sets!  A hand-tied skirt is a must for skipping jigs.   Available in 1/8 oz (2/0), 1/4 oz (3/0), 3/8 oz (4/0), 1/2 oz (5/0) and 3/4 oz (5/0).  Color-matched heads in black, brown, green pumpkin and white.  Weed guards and skirts are full-length.  You can trim them to suit your fishing style.

$2.99 each  Save big by purchasing a Card of 6!  Add a rattle for $ 0.30  Ordering instructions at the bottom of the page.

Texas Craw. Mossback, and Sour Candy colors updated!

153 Hellbender 154 Blue Pearl Craw 155 Catawba Craw 156 Atchafalaya Wild Craw 157 Delta Queen 158 Crunch

02 Black/Blue/Purple

04 Junebug 08 Black 19 Rootbeer 20 Watermelon 24 Texas Craw
26 Mossback 28 Brown Green Pumpkin 30 Brown Craw 33 GI Joe 33-S White 35 Junkyard Dog
36 Green Pumpkin 38 Blueberry 39 Demon 41 Pumpkinseed 42 Smallmouth Special 44 Copperhead
47 Swamp Craw 60 Crawdad 61 Black & Blue 61-a Peanut Butter & Jelly 62 Shellcracker 68 Spooky
70 Pumpkin Craw Chart. 75 Mad Craw 78 Sparkle Brown & Orange 81 Gunmetal 83 Roadkill 89 Softshell Craw
90 Crawdad Orange 94 Purple Craw 95 Mohawk 97 Blackberry 99 Mudbug 102 Bad Orange
106 Purple Tip 109 Fall Craw 112 Black Blue Tip 115 Bluegill 116 Chameleon Craw 117 Electric Blue
119 Blue Craw 121 Green Pumpkin/Red 124 Sour Candy 130 Iron Oxide 131 Nasty 132 Clay Bank Craw
133 Jalapeno 134 Craw Lite 135 Craw Lite Chartreuse 136 Spring Green Craw 137 Midwest Craw 138 Big O Craw
139 Meal Ticket 140 Southern Craw 141 Goby 142 Red Bug 143 Plum Belly Craw 144 Clear Water Craw
145 Grape Jam on Rye 146 Blackwater Craw

147 Buttered Toast

149 Magic Goby 150 Blue Ghost Craw 152 Spotted Salamander

Use the menus and "Add to Cart" button to purchase your jigs.  Use the drop-down menus to select your jig weight and skirt color.  To add a rattle or purchase a card of 6 jigs, select "YES" to the appropriate option box.  For a single jig without rattle, all options should read "NO". Then click "Add to Cart".  You may review your selection and specify a quantity in the following Paypal screen.  Use the continue shopping feature to return to this page for further purchases.  Call or email with questions.

Single Jig w/ Rattle (+ $0.30)
Card of 6 no Rattles ($15.99)
Card of 6 with Rattles ($18.19)

All skirt colors are available in a 2-pack, rubber collar banded, on the accessories page!  Rattles too!








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