Basscraft Football Jigs

Heavy football jigs are one of the top ledge fishing weapons you can cast.  Drag it, hop it, stroke it. There is no wrong way to fish a football head jig.  The wide, football shaped head resists falling into cracks and crevices, reducing hang-ups.  Some fishermen use this jig type for flippin' and pitchin' for a different look, fall, and feel! 

Basscraft football jigs feature HAND-TIED skirts!  No rotten rubber collars or skirt slippage during hook sets!  Light-wire Mustad Ultra Point 60 cross-eye hook resists hang-ups and offers great hooking ability on long-line casts. 

$2.89 each  Save big by purchasing a Card of 6!    Ordering instructions below.

Available in 1/4 oz (3/0), 3/8 oz (4/0), 1/2 oz (5/0), 3/4 oz (5/0), and 1 oz (5/0). rock-hopping football heads.  Color-matched heads in black and green pumpkin only.

Purple Craw pictured.

Football Jig Colors (colors shown as example, ALL jig colors available in cart menu)

#38 Blueberry #60 Crawdad #90 Crawdad Orange #36 Green Pumpkin #94 Purple Craw

Use the menus and "Add to Cart" button to purchase your jigs.  Use the drop-down menus to select your jig weight and skirt color.  To purchase a card of 6 jigs, select "YES" to the appropriate option box.   Then click "Add to Cart".  You may review your selection and specify a quantity in the following Paypal screen.  Use the continue shopping feature to return to this page for further purchases.  Call or email with questions.

Card of 6 ($15.99)



Basscraft recommends BatwingZ trailers from Z-Man!  Featuring uniquely textured, buoyant ElaZtech pinchers that float up off the bottom, BatwingZ jig trailers accurately mimic the natural defensive posture of a crawfish and turn any jig into the perfect stand-up jig. The versatile body shape allows for various rigging methods, and 10X Tough ElaZtech durability keeps you fishing during a hot bite rather than searching for a replacement jig trailer. Click HERE to purchase.